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On the Way to Oslo!

I have begun the three-day long journey to Oslo, Norway. I meet Daniela this afternoon, then tomorrow afternoon, barring complication from Eyjafjallajokull or BASSA/Unite strikes, we go to Oslo via London. If you’ll, drop us a comment.

I regret that I haven’t posted comments on the songs yet, but hopefully Daniela and I can get something up before we leave.

I also hope to update while in Norway, but that’s dependent upon Internet access there.

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A Eurovision Drinking Game?

I’ve been absent because, you know, law school is trying to kill me.

Not entirely on topic, nor is it off topic. However, I was discussing Eurovision with someone this evening (it’s a common occurrence if you’re me), and she told me of a drinking game she had played watching the Eurovision Song Contest. I found it interesting at the very least, and it perhaps says something about the triteness of Eurovision lyrics. This game would probably work best if you’re not into Eurovision, because, well, I’ll relay her story.

Round I: The Songs
Before the contest begins, gather everyone who’s going to play and each person picks a unique word that they think will appear in many of the songs. One that’s absurdly common is “love.”  Try also “dance,” “night,” or “heart.” Or if you’re Dustin the Turkey (Ireland 2008), “points.” Write that word on a piece of paper, and put it in a hat, then each person draws from the hat to determine their word. Whenever that word is mentioned — in any language — that person must drink.

If you’re feeling particularly evil, you could always look up the lyrics beforehand. The story that was relayed to me was that someone looked up the lyrics ahead of time and noticed that in one of the songs, “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” by Verka Serduchka (Ukraine 2007, and perhaps one of the most famous or infamous entries of the modern Eurovision era), the word “seven” was said an absurd number of times. Twenty-four, to be exact. (Yes, I counted.) So of course she put “seven” as the word into the hat. That didn’t turn out well.

Round II: The Points
During the intermission, put all the names of all the countries competing in the final into a hat. Each person draws an equal number of countries. When one of your countries is awarded eight points, take a drink. When one of your countries is awarded ten points, take two drinks. And when one of your countries is awarded twelve points, take a shot.

This could be really bad, if, for example, you picked Norway last year. That’d be 16 shots, plus a bunch of other drinks that I don’t feel like counting. At some point, you just have to give up.

So, what do you think? Ideas? Comments? Your own drinking game? Or perhaps this isn’t what you really wanted to see from me.

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My Heart Is Yours: A Special Tribute to Norway, Nilsen, and Nul Points

There was once a time when America was almost involved in a Eurovision-like contest of international melodic proportions.  I say almost, though, because once the US lost it, it somehow never managed to return to television.

The contest, for those of you who remember, was called “World Idol” and featured representatives from 11 countries who had won their own country’s version of “American Idol”, which (in the spirit of full disclosure) officially began in the UKKelly Clarkson represented the US, sang as almost all her contemporaries, of course, in English, and after being accused by the Canadian judge of yelling rather than belting, lost out to “dark horseKurt Nilsen of Norway.  The US got tired of losing to Norway in the international arena, and the World Idol competition was not to be seen nor heard of again.  In fact, depending on the results of 2014’s final medal count, it remains to be seen whether the next Winter Olympics may in fact be our last.  Uff da!

The Dark Horse. (source:

But enough about Kurt Nilsen.  What does any of this have to do with Eurovision?  Well, besides the mirrored voting systems, World Idol does help me, as a grudge-holding American, to discuss the particularities of the Norwegian brand of singing-contest success: they are either very good at it or very, very bad.

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Oslo Bound!

A quick update for all the readers…

Daniela and I were lucky enough to get tickets to all three major events in Oslo, and we’ll be going there. With any luck, we can provide you updates from the show. Daniela has given me the great suggestion of doing some video updates from Oslo. This, of course, depends upon us having Internet access, so I can’t say for sure if I’ll be able to do this, but I hope to be able to give you some video from Oslo come May.

Expect more from me when I’m not bogged down in thousands of pages of reading for law school. (Like commentary on the songs selected.) I have no idea when that will happen.

Unrelated Notice: Our host has switched file servers for this site, and I’ve been informed that this may break some things. Hopefully it won’t, but if you notice something broken, drop me a line.

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