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Eurovision [participants who happened to hail from North] America: 2000-2010

The following North Americans have participated in Eurovision since the year 2000.  Since that’s a relatively recent period, I think I’ll just organize the acts by year:


2001 saw Natasha St-Pier representing France, the country’s first (and, thus far, only) North American act.  A prolific recording artist, she recently released a greatest hits album and is currently on tour in her native Canada.  Interestingly, she’s done the best for France so far this past decade – perhaps an affirmation of her views concerning French ESC participants, or perhaps because her 4th place song “Je N’ai Que Mon Âme” (“I Only Have My Soul”) was in fact the first French attempt to–mon Dieu!–incorporate English lyrics on stage?  Who knows.  Only time will tell if France will ever pick a US contestant to represent them (though that entry, as we’ve seen from recent controversy over language policy and test scores, would have to been sung at least partially in French).  Even so, I’d seriously doubt it.

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