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On the Way to Oslo!

I have begun the three-day long journey to Oslo, Norway. I meet Daniela this afternoon, then tomorrow afternoon, barring complication from Eyjafjallajokull or BASSA/Unite strikes, we go to Oslo via London. If you’ll, drop us a comment.

I regret that I haven’t posted comments on the songs yet, but hopefully Daniela and I can get something up before we leave.

I also hope to update while in Norway, but that’s dependent upon Internet access there.

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Oslo Bound!

A quick update for all the readers…

Daniela and I were lucky enough to get tickets to all three major events in Oslo, and we’ll be going there. With any luck, we can provide you updates from the show. Daniela has given me the great suggestion of doing some video updates from Oslo. This, of course, depends upon us having Internet access, so I can’t say for sure if I’ll be able to do this, but I hope to be able to give you some video from Oslo come May.

Expect more from me when I’m not bogged down in thousands of pages of reading for law school. (Like commentary on the songs selected.) I have no idea when that will happen.

Unrelated Notice: Our host has switched file servers for this site, and I’ve been informed that this may break some things. Hopefully it won’t, but if you notice something broken, drop me a line.

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Bonsoir Europe!

Hello Europe!

And hello to the rest of the world. We here at Eurovision America are a rare breed – we are fans of the Eurovision Song Contest from the west side of the Atlantic Ocean. (No, that doesn’t mean we’re pro-Western Europe. Or pro-Eastern Europe for that matter.) We hope to provide a unique view of the ESC as we see it. We’re not attached to any particular competitor country, nor any country that has any time competed (we’re looking at you, Italians!). As we see it, this gives us a unique perspective on the contest that we all love. Eurovision is important to us, even though we’re not European.

What we hope to be able to do here is bring together the Americans that are Eurovision fans. We know there are more of them out there, and there could be many more if they just watched one grand final.

To accomplish our goal, we’ll be bringing you Eurovision news and reviews. And yes, many of them will be published elsewhere in the European world, especially up to the time the contest rolls around in Oslo next year. But we’re a blog – we don’t just report the news, we give commentary on it.

The two authors that we have right now are both U.S. people. We are searching for more authors, so if you’re an American, Canadian, or other English-speaking North or South American, drop us a line, either in the comments or by e-mail. (We’re going to limit this to be English-only.)