Daniela is a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest because of none other than Michael Gordon, who introduced her to the show in 2005. Daniela secretly wishes she were European and spent a year abroad in London, going so far as to audition for “Your Country Needs You” until she realized that she was not, in fact, a citizen of the United Kingdom. Daniela is a huge fan of Svante Stockselius and looks forward to the day when she can meet him in person to award him douze points. Feel free to contact her at daniela@eurovisionamerica.com.

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Eurovision [participants who happened to hail from North] America: 2000-2010

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Eurovision [participants who happened to hail from North] America: 1956-1999

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My Heart Is Yours: A Special Tribute to Norway, Nilsen, and Nul Points

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…And Its Discontents (cont’d)

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