We here at Eurovision America are a rare breed – we are fans of the Eurovision Song Contest from the west side of the Atlantic Ocean. We hope to provide a unique view of the ESC as we see it. We’re not attached to any particular competitor country, nor any country that has any time competed (we’re looking at you, Italians!). As we see it, this gives us a unique perspective on the contest that we all love. Eurovision is important to us, even though we’re not European.

What we hope to be able to do here is bring together the Americans that are Eurovision fans. We know there are more of them out there, and there could be many more if they just watched one grand final.

To accomplish our goal, we’ll be bringing you Eurovision news and reviews. And yes, many of them will be published elsewhere in the European world, especially up to the time the contest rolls around in Oslo next year. But we’re a blog – we don’t just report the news, we give commentary on it.

  1. #1 by Lee on May 13, 2011 - 5:19 PM


    I'm from the U.K. and am amazed there are Americans into this. I follow it on the radio each year. Is it on tv in the U.S.? I would never want to go to one but admire you for going. Some people in the U.K. take the mickey out of it but others use it as a reason to party. It's a way of uniting Europe on one night. There is no other event that does that.

    If you google Eurovision at the time of the show, you can see people's twitter comments live as they are written.

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